Hodgdon Varget Smokeless Rifle Powder 1lb


varget powder


Hodgdon Varget Smokeless Gun Powder is an extruded propellant in the Hodgdon line of Extreme series of powders. Varget features small, extruded grains for uniform metering, is insensitive to hot and cold temperatures, and produces higher energy for improved velocities over other powders in its burning speed class. The powder ignites quickly and burns clean, translating into superb accuracy, higher scores, and more clean, one-shot kills. Varget is the perfect powder for shooting a 223 Remington with heavy bullets in competitive matches. Outstanding performance and velocity can be obtained in such popular cartridges as the 22-250 Remington, 308 Winchester, 30-06, 375 H&H, and many more.

Available in 1 lb. containers.

Varget is my go to powder for both 308 & 223. 46 grains under a 165 gr sierra Game king, for hunting. 45 gr and 175 sierra Match king for long range.
223 26 gr for a berger 70 VLD target load. That’s my recipe. In a 1-9 twist 223.

Varget is a very good powder for semi-autos. It’s also one that is easy for me to locate, which is a big benefit. I use it for .223, .308, and 30-06 semis.

My manuals include .30-30 data for it in most bullet weights, so it’ll definitely work, but I don’t have any personal experience with it.

That should definitely work as a plinking load. I’ve had great luck with 43.0 grains behind a 168 grain A-Max set off by CCI 200s. It works well in both the AR and M1A.

I’ve had dismal luck with Varget in 308. 4064, 4895, 4350 have worked much better in that caliber for me. Can’t speak to 223 as I tend to go a bit old fashioned with walnut stock and blued metal for rifles…


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