Savage Renegauge Field-12 Gauge


Savage Renegauge Field 12 Gauge Semi Auto Shotgun 28″ Barrel 3″ Chamber 4 Rounds Synthetic Stock Matte Black Finish

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Savage Renegauge Field-12 Gauge

Engineered to handle hot loads and mild, low-recoil shells, the Savage® Renegauge® Field Semi-Auto Shotgun features an innovative D.R.I.V.

(Dual Regulating Inline Valve) gas system, offering consistent ejection, reduced recoil, and fast cycling for maximum dependability.

Produced in just about every type of shotgun from semi-automatics to pump actions and everything in between, the 12 gauge is the shotgun of choice for big game, turkey, waterfowl, upland, and small game hunters.

It’s also the #1 choice for home defense as well as for military and law enforcement use.

We are a nation that claims to prize up-­by-­your-­bootstraps social mobility and making good through hard work and innovation.

When it comes to familiar brand names, however, we can turn into stuffy, straitlaced dowagers from a Thackeray novel, determined to keep companies in lanes we apparently regard as divinely ordained.

We are always happy to see a prestigious maker offer well-­priced guns to the masses, but it is a tough chore to go the other direction.

Savage is stepping up to that challenge with its new Renegauge semi­auto.

Importance of Savage Renegauge Field-12 Gauge

This system allows for firing low-brass light loads to high-brass magnums with no issues. By having less felt recoil, the shooter is able to stay on target for quicker, more accurate follow-up shots.

Savage Renegauge Field (Matte Black Finish) Specifications and Features:

  • Savage 57602
  • Semi Automatic Shotgun
  • 12 Gauge
  • 3″ Chamber (Accepts 3″ and 2-3/4″ Shot Shells)
  • 28″ Carbon Steel Barrel (Melonited Matte Black Finish)
  • 4 Rounds (2-3/4″ Shells)
  • Aluminum Receiver (Matte Black Finish)
  • D.R.I.V Gas System
  • Synthetic Monte Carlo Stock/For end (Matte Gray Finish)
  • Adjustable Stock for Length of Pull, Comb Height, Drop and Cast
  • One Piece Chrome Plated Action Bar Assembly
  • Chrome Plates Reciprocating Components
  • Stock Rod Buffer To Reduce Felt Recoil
  • Vent Rib Barrel
  • Red Fiber optic Sight
  • Easy Loading Port
  • Oversized Controls
  • Beretta/Benelli Choke Compatible
  • Length of Pull 14.25″ to 15.07″
  • Overall Length 49.5″
  • Overall Weight 8lbs
  • Includes:
    • Flush Mount Improved Cylinder, Modified, and Full Chokes
    • Hard Sided Carrying Case


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