The Smith & Wesson Model 15-3 also known as the “K-38 Combat Masterpiece” is a revolver that was commonly used by law enforcement and private citizens. It features a 4″ barrel and is chambered in 38 special. The -3 model was introduced in 1967 and relocated the rear sight leaf screw. S/N: 1K69875

UPC GDC0000008270
Caliber 38 SPECIAL
Capacity 6 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 4″ BARREL
Weight 2 LBS.
Finish BLUE


The Smith & Wesson Model 60-15 is a perfect revolver for personal protection.

The original model 60 was the first ever production stainless-steel revolver and was modeled off the famous Chief’s Special.

This model features a 5 shot cylinder, 3″ barrel, and is chambered in the powerful .357 magnum cartridge.

There is some rust/pitting around the grip and on the bottom of the frame near the grip. The original box & manual are included.

Importance of SMITH & WESSON MODEL 15-3

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